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Is a symposium and exhibition featuring Japanese architectural offices in dialogue with their Swiss counterparts. Learn more

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Movie: Symposium Day 1
Introduction.   Topic 1: Presentation by Riken Yamamoto.   Topic 1: Presentation by Go Hasegawa.   Topic 1: Panel Discussion.   Topic 2: Presentation by Sou Fujimoto.   Topic 2: Presentation by Piet Eckert.   Topic 2: Panel Discussion. Read more – ‘Movie: Symposium Day 1’.
Movie: Symposium Day 2
Day 2: Introduction.   Topic 3: Presentation by Ryuji Fujimura.   Topic 3: Presentation by Daniel Niggli & Mathias Müller.   Topic 3: Panel Discussion.   Topic 4: Presentation by Akihisa Hirata.   Topic 4: Presentation by Christian Kerez .   Topic 4: Panel Discussion.   Read more – ‘Movie: Symposium Day 2’.
Hosoya Schaefer Architects
HOSOYA SCHAEFER ARCHITECTS AG is a Zürich based studio for architectural designs, strategies and research. It was founded by Markus Schaefer and Hiromi Hosoya in 2003. Read more – ‘Hosoya Schaefer Architects’.

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